Muzha Pushi Collective Housing
Projects / Landscape

Client: Sunpowerl Development Group
Location: Taipei Muzha, Taiwan
Site area: 600㎡
Design period: 1998-1999

Landscaping in this aging neighborhood in Taipei’s Muzha area means more than just decoration with foliage or a false sales pitch: it is based on a genuine understanding of the environment as it is. Outside the buildings, for instance, the un-plastered walls are arranged in an irregular manner that present the weather-beaten, unevenly erected condo apartment, with the outer walls covered with smooth pebbles, in peaceful, organic harmony. As for the interior, a visual correction was conducted in the cramped construction site using such elements as the on-pavement linear drain pipes and water surface, with the aim being to spread open the interval between the mass of a gigantic structure and the un-plastered, brick border wall. In the meantime, the reflection of the building on the water surface softens both the ambiance of the footpath and the human-space relationship.